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Why All Government Offices Need Disintegrators

Why All Government Offices Need Disintegrators

Sep 8,2022

Why All Government Offices Need Disintegrators


Governments around the world are spending billions of dollars on storing data on hard drives and other multimedia. 

Disintegrators are the straightforward solution to destroying those assets once they're no longer needed. They're great at destroying everything from CDs to plastics, and even softer metals.    

All government offices could benefit from using this equipment to ensure the secure destruction of many different types of storage media. Here's how.

How Do Disintegrators Work?

These machines of destruction use a system called a rotary knife mill to destroy documents.

 It's pretty much what it sounds like. Sharp metal blades attached to a circular plate of metal rotate on a central axis, tearing and ripping into the material. Think of it as a washing machine from hell. 

The process absolutely destroys whatever's fed into the machine, disintegrating it into a thousand little pieces. This makes disintegrators a very good choice for when you need a secure solution to destruction.

They're Easy to Use

You've probably used a shredder in the past. You feed material in, it gets shredded, end of story.

A disintegrator is no harder to use than this.

They have slightly different feeding mechanisms which differ between models. Some have a drop slot, and some use a conveyor belt.

But the principle is entirely the same. Feed and forget.

They Can Work in an Office Environment

Some disintegrators are better suited to warehouses and industrial facilities.

However, there are models available to suit office environments too. So you don't need to worry about moving materials around, and their security in transit.

No disintegrator is small, as they have a heavy job to do. But our office-friendly options are quiet enough to bear in the office – even when they're churning metal.


For When A Shredder Isn't Enough

Shredders are great for destroying paper documents, and some are tough enough to withstand punishment from CDs and DVDs.

Having one around the office means you'll be able to destroy confidential documentation. Which as any government office knows, is a crucial action to take in order to avoid potentially embarrassing leaks.

However, shredders won't tackle thumb drives, cell phones or hard drives. They'll even choke on floppy disks and backup tape.

Disintegrator equipment absolutely destroys these other media, in a secure way. As the media has been disintegrated, not just cut up, it would be almost impossible to retrieve any data.

Plus, these machines can actually destroy paper too. With all that power, it's a fast process even when you're destroying stacks of old documents.

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