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The Knowlodge Of Paper Shedder

The Knowlodge Of Paper Shedder

Jan 14,2022
The Knowlodge Of Paper Shedder

Shredder type editing

With the development of shredder, according to the use object, the use of different environments, divided into hand shredder, desktop shredder, small personal/household shredder, medium-sized office shredder, large office shredder and so on.

Features editor

How to choose a suitable shredder, you can refer to the following seven characteristics to choose and buy, respectively is the shredding effect, shredding capacity, shredding speed, shredding carton volume and other characteristics.

Shredding ways

Effect of granular

Effect of granular

Effect of strip

Effect of strip

A shredder consists of a rotating blade, a comb, and a drive motor. The paper is fed between the interlocking blades and divided into tiny pieces to keep it secret. Shredding means the shape of the paper after it is processed by shredder and chopped by shredder. According to the composition of the shredder, the existing shredding methods are broken, segment, foam, strip, granular, filamentous, etc. If it is general office occasions to choose granular, filamentous, segmental, strip can be.

Shredding ability

Shredding capacity refers to the paper thickness and the maximum number of papers a shredder can handle, and the amount of shredding is the throughput of the machine itself. General shredder can be broken 13-15 pieces at a time, large shredder can be broken 60-70 pieces at a time. Generally, the better the shredding effect, the shredding capacity is relatively poor, such as a brand of shredder nominal shredding capacity is A4, 70g, 7-9 pieces, is that the shredder can handle the shredding thickness of 70g A4 paper seven to nine pieces. Ordinary office use A4, 70g, 3-4 pieces can meet the daily work needs, if it is a large office to choose the appropriate size and fast speed of the shredder. Existing large shredder generally can achieve 60-70 pieces at a time.

Shredding must be in accordance with the machine can bear shredding capacity to use, so as not to cause abnormal paper machine, motor load too much burn and so on.

Shredding effects

Level 1 confidentiality (bar :6.3-12mm)

Level 2 (bar 3.9-5.8/ grain 6-10.5 x 40-80mm)

Grade 3 (strip 1.9mm/ granular 3.9-6 x 25-53mm)

Level 4 confidentiality (granular :1.9-2 x 15mm)

Level 5 confidentiality (granular: 0.78x 11mm)

Level 6 confidentiality (granular :1 x 5mm)

Shredder effect refers to the size of the paper after the shredder processing, is generally millimeter (mm) for the unit. Grain, foam shape effect is the best, broken shape next, strip, segment shape relative effect is worse. For example, 2*2mm confidential effect can be cut A4 paper into more than 1500 small pieces. Different occasions can be selected according to the actual needs of different shredder effect. If the family and small office do not involve confidential occasions can choose 4mm*50mm, 4mm*30mm and other specifications can be. Under the minimum standards for destruction of data, computer-printed documents must be shredded to a size of 3.8mm or less. For highly confidential documents, the use of vertical and horizontal cutting shredder, the best choice to achieve 3mm*3mm and the following specifications shredder effect.

Shredding speed

Shredder speed is also the shredder's processing capacity, generally measured by the total length of wastepaper per minute can be processed, such as 3 meters per minute, which means the total length of paper per minute can be processed before no shredding. And of course, in centimeters, it's actually the same thing.

Shredding capacity

The volume of broken carton refers to the volume of the box containing the shredded wastepaper. Shredder fragments are stored in one of the following containers: low-end shredders are generally placed on top of the wastebasket, so that the cut pieces are simply placed in the wastebasket; Slightly more expensive products come with their own wastepaper baskets (shredded cartons). Most office shredders are enclosed, wheeled cabinets that can be easily moved around the office, and this involves the choice of carton volumes. General office and household shredder for the actual needs and floor space considerations can choose a smaller capacity of the shredder carton, the size of 10-15 liters between the appropriate; Medium office with 20-30 liters for the best, large office can choose more than 30 liters of broken carton. Finally, some shredders come with a rack for hanging plastic bags. All you need is a plastic bag to hang on the shelf.

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