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What is Hard Drive Shredding?

What is Hard Drive Shredding?

Dec 31,2022
What is Hard Drive Shredding?

What is hard drive shredding?

Hard drive shredding is the act of destroying a hard drive by cutting it into small pieces. Hard drive shredding is done with the help of Hard Drive Shredder. A hard drive shredder is a machine or device designed to shred hard drives into tiny pieces using very sharp blades. Hard disk shredding is to prevent disk data from being recovered or stolen. But first, what is a hard drive?

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A hard drive, also known as a hard disk drive, is the most extensive data storage in a computer. They contain everything done or installed in your system since you started using it, even deleted files. Sensitive information such as your bank account information, your credit card information, personal photos, passwords, etc. are stored there. So it's not wise at all to just throw away the old hard drive, but to destroy it and any information on it.

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Why use a hard drive shredder?

Data on hard drives is not always completely lost, whether deleted or corrupted. Such data can be recovered, sometimes very quickly. Hackers or information thieves can obtain large amounts of data from formatted hard drives. A hard drive can be wiped using a magnet, but the data on it can still be recovered. Rewriting a hard drive with new data does not guarantee that the former will not be recovered. Some people even put some software onto the hard drive with the sole purpose of writing or creating gibberish files so they can bury the original data. It still won't work against very advanced hackers or security personnel. Therefore, it is not enough to just delete or format the data on the hard drive. But also destroy them physically. Some methods of physically damaging hard drives include shredding, crushing, crushing, disassembling, melting, and degaussing. And make sure the drive is completely crushed/destroyed, because if you find a whole fragment, you can still recover information from it.

Physically, destroying a hard drive is not easy. That's where a hard drive shredder comes in. These are not traditional paper shredders. They are heavy-duty machines that help you destroy hard drives by thoroughly shredding every part of the drive using industrial heavy-duty shredders designed for electronics and other non-paper products such as cassette tapes, CDs, etc.

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Benefits of Using Hard Drive Shredding Services

It's handy -- you can save yourself a lot of hassle about using a hard drive shredder to adequately wipe your hard drive. You can contact the services of a professional shredding company and they will give you a certificate of destruction after shredding. Or, if you regularly shred a lot of hard drives, you can buy your own shredder. There are many ways to delete data, but only a few ways to ensure that the data is permanently destroyed or shredded.

It's cost-effective - rather than destroying and "re-flashing" your hard drive just to be safe, why not do it right once and for all and you'll save far more money, time and effort.

Fast - With the help of Hard Drive Shredder, the shredding time should not be too long, for those who need to destroy specific data quickly, it should not exceed an hour.

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