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How Does Shredder Works ?

How Does Shredder Works ?

Jun 7,2023
How Does Shredder Work?
   A shredder works by using sharp rotating blades or teeth to cut paper or other materials into small pieces. The paper is inserted into the shredder, which then feeds it through the blades to produce small strips or particles. Shredders can be used to destroy sensitive or confidential documents to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Some shredders can also handle other materials such as CDs, credit cards, and DVDs.

The Structure and Principles of Paper Shredder Editing
    The structure and working principle of a paper shredder: The paper shredder has two main components: a "paper cutter" and "electric motor". The belt and gear are tightly connected, and the motor drives the belt and gear to transfer energy to the paper shredder. The paper shredder rotates and uses sharp metal angles to cut paper.
Some shredders on the market can choose from two or more shredding methods. Different shredding methods are suitable for different occasions. For general office situations, you can choose paragraphs, granules, filaments, or strips. But if it is used in some occasions with high confidentiality requirements, foam must be used. At present, the paper shredding method composed of four knives is the most advanced working method.
    The cutting principle of a paper shredder is to shred the paper through the placement of blades or knives under the action of a power source. If the tool or blade is set with a tip, the chopping effect will be segmented or granular; If the tool or blade is set to have no tip, the effect will be strip shaped.
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Professional Two Shaft Cross Cut CD Paper Shredder for Recycling
The SP1001 professional paper shredder is a 4X40mm Cross cut paper shredding machine, also can shred optical media as for CD.
Industrial Double Shaft Document Books Banknotes Paper Shredding and Baling Machine
SUPU PDS450 & SP99 Paper shredder and Baler, suitable for Paper, Document, Books, Banknotes, recycling and destruction purpose.
Industrial High Security P7 Level Document CD Card Paper Disintegrator
Industrial Paper Disintegrators are large powerful, high performing shredding machines, can shred volumes of documents
Industrial Double Shaft Document Books Paper Shredder with 600mm Feeding Width
PDS600 Heavy duty Paper shredder, suitable for waste paper, document, books, banknotes, recycling and destruction purpose

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