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The Shredder's Ability and Effect

The Shredder's Ability and Effect

Jan 8,2023

Shredding ability

Shredding capacity refers to the paper thickness and maximum number of papers that the shredder can handle at one time. Shredding capacity is the throughput of the machine itself. General shredders can break 13-15 pieces at a time, large shredders can break 60-70 pieces at a time. Generally, the better the shredder effect, the paper shredder ability is relatively poor, such as a brand of shredder labeled as A4, 70g, 7-9 pieces of paper, that is, the shredder can deal with the thickness of 70g of A4 paper seven to nine pieces of paper. Ordinary office use A4, 70G, 3-4 pieces can meet the daily work needs, if it is a large office, according to the need to choose the appropriate format and fast shredder. Existing large shredders can generally reach 60-70 pieces each time.

Paper shredding must be in accordance with the machine can withstand the shredding capacity to use, so as not to lead to abnormal paper jam machine, motor load too much burn out and other situations.

Shredding effects

Level 1 confidentiality (bar :6.3-12mm)

Level 2 (strip 3.9-5.8/ granular 6-10.5 x 40-80mm)

Tertiary (strip 1.9mm/ grain 3.9-6 x 25-53mm)

Level 4 Confidentiality (granular :1.9-2 x 15mm)

Level 5 Confidentiality (granular :0.78 x 11mm)

Level 6 Confidentiality (granular :1 x 5mm)

Shredding effect refers to the paper after the shredder treatment of the size of the paper, usually in millimeters (mm) for the unit. Grain, foam shape effect is the best, broken shape second, strip, segment shape relative effect is worse. For example, 2*2mm security effect can be A4 paper cut into more than 1500 pieces. Different occasions can be selected according to the actual needs of different shredder effect. If family and small office do not involve confidential circumstance can choose 4mm*50mm, 4mm*30mm and so on specification it is OK. In cases where confidentiality is required, according to the minimum standard of destruction data, computer printed files must be shredded to a strip of paper below 3.8mm. For highly confidential documents, the shredder which can cut horizontally and vertically should be used. It is better to use the shredder which can achieve the shredder effect of 3mm*3mm and below.

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